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Check out our portfolio of FUNctional and creative design solutions that maximize usability and enjoyable user experiences. We're proud of our FUN, FUNctional and some would say FUNomenal growing body of work. Look around and get a better understanding of our approach to architecture and design from a different angle — the FUNchitecture way.

Genesys Regional Medical CenterGenesYS
Pediatric Hospice Suite

Creating Peace, Comfort and Tranquility
Palliative and hospice care is gut wrenching and somber. In an effort to soften that experience and make the hospital feel less scary and more comforting, Genesys Medical Center hired FUNchitecture to design a room that could do just that for pediatric hospice patients.

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New Flushing, MI Branch

The Future of Financial Services
ELGA Credit Union collaborated with FUNchitecture once again to design a new prototype building for one of the most state-of-the-art, technology focused financial services institutions in the state.

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iSource Worldwide
Corporate Headquarters

A Hip, Modern and WOW Workspace
iSource Worldwide commissioned FUNchitecture to design their new corporate headquarters in downtown Flint. This hot, young tech company is set to move 100+ information technology employees after a chance meeting between Shannon from FUNchitecture and Rick, one of the founding partners of iSource Worldwide.

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Hurley PediatricsHurley Pediatric Primary
and specialty care clinic

Medical Clinic

A Special Place for Specialty Care
When Hurley Medical Center set out to find a new location for its Pediatric Residency and Pediatric Specialty clinics, the Flint Farmers’ Market may have seemed like an unlikely fit. But after commissioning FUNchitecture to develop design plans for the space, it quickly became clear that this was a perfect pairing.

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ELGA Credit UnionELGA Credit Union
Financial Institution

Lending a Modern Twist to Banking
The growing ELGA credit union commissioned FUNchitecture to work with them on building a new brand for their financial institution. Banking is changing its public face with new high-tech design, automated and web-based services, and branch offices that continue to offer excellent customer service but in varied and new ways.

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Flint & Genesee Chamber of CommerceFlint & Genesee
Chamber of Commerce

Main Office Design

Room to Grow Flint & Genesee County's Ecomomy
The growing Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce commissioned FUNchitecture to help with space planning and consolidation/adaptive reuse efforts. A local bank vacated a prime second floor position in the prominent Mott Foundation Building in downtown Flint, directly adjacent to the Chamber’s longtime offices in the Commerce Building next door.

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Bangkok PeppersBangkok Peppers
Restaurant Design

Spicing Up the Dining Experience
Bangkok Peppers commissioned FUNchitecture to design a new restaurant for them after witnessing FUNchitecture’s creative prowess at their business credit union, ELGA Credit Union. Having been in their old location for 14 years, they were in need of a larger kitchen space and a new, modern look for the home of their Thai-inspired cuisine.

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Flint Farmers' MarketFlint Farmers' Market
Site and Pavilion Design and Market,
Kitchen and Community Space

Bringing Collaborative Adaptive Reuse to Market
Shannon White believes that great communities are the result of great people and great design. Her most recent project highlights exactly that in the new Flint Farmers' Market. Located in the heart tlof downtown Flint, the adaptive reuse of an abandoned newspaper printing press facility has quickly become the community hub, meeting, shopping, learning, and socializing center of town.

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Torch Lake HomeUniversity of Michigan-Flint/
Genesee County Land BanK
Urban Alternatives House

Classroom and Living Laboratory and
Residential Multifamily Design

A Home for Innovation
FUNchitecture worked with the University of Michigan-Flint and the Genesee County Land Bank to hone and shape the scope of work necessary for turning the house into a sustainable reality over the past nine months. The Urban Alternatives House is an excellent exercise in the power of sustainable design and adaptive reuse, but we believe it will prove to be a Michigan Demonstration Center and an educational tool for the tlentire community in the future. FUNchitecture utilized multiple sustainable strategies to make the house over 50% more energy efficient than it was before renovation and as new technologies become available coupled with our energy monitoring systems, we will be able to improvethe project over time.

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Private Home

Stunning Lake Effect Lifestyle
The owner’s of this Torch lake home had never built a house before and weren’t sure how to go about even starting the process. They commissioned FUNchitecture to start from the beginning, originally envisioning an addition onto their existing home. After some creative exploration, a new home with tleverything they wanted proved to be the best option and so the planning for this beautiful custom home began. Architectural detailing and expert craftsmanship is evident in every room and magnificently highlighted with FUNctional and decorative lighting.

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Kettering UniversityKettering University
Student Lounge

Re-imagining Relaxation
Kettering University commissioned FUNchitecture to design a new, vibrant social hub for its students in the lower level of its student center on campus. The goal of the project is to turn the space, currently featuring dark brick, drab, dated carpeting and heavy, clunky old wooden furniture into an inviting and technology-rich social venue at Kettering University.

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Ruth Mott FoundationGenesys Kettering Institute
for Learning and Innovation

Think Tank Innovation Center

Creative Space for Creative Thinking
The Genesys Kettering Institute for Learning and Innovation commissioned FUNchitecture to do a space study and design tlconcept for approximately a 5,000 SF area adjacent to the surgical operating rooms and the existing simulation laboratory at Genesys Regional Medical Center at Health Park.

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Corporate Offices

Adaptive Reuse. State-of-the-Art Smart
Shaltz Automation contracted FUNchitecture to come up with a design concept to breathe life into an old industrial warehouse building previously owned by Sherwin Williams. The building was primarily a warehouse with dismal offices in all white and off-white finishes in a small “up-front” portion of the building. Shaltz Automation worked with FUNchitecture to create new state-of-the-art offices, corporate sales area, 1,800 SF training facility for conventions and sales training courses, mezzanine for additional future office and training area and new corporate identity at the industrial building. Shaltz desired a fast track product delivery so FUNchitecture worked in a design/build relationship with Case Construction who did an excellent job implementing the design strategies to fruition on time and under budget.

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Ruth Mott FoundationMetro Community Development
The New Smith Village

Creating Community It Takes a Village
FUNchitecture was hired by Metro Community Development to develop a comprehensive site plan for the New Smith Village neighborhood that included the assembly of 83 "new" lots in the neighborhood via strategic collaboration with the Genesee County Land Bank, design of periphery buildings that will add value to the neighborhood such as a new art center and child development center, coordination with the City's engineer for infrastructure layouts and improvements, and development of ten home designs to populate the 83 newly created home sites.

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Ruth Mott FoundationRuth Mott Foundation
Administrative Offices

A Foundation of FUNctional Design
The Ruth Mott Foundation, a private foundation located in downtown Flint, Michigan, commissioned a space planning study, and later full architectural services, for the Foundation's properties located in Downtown Flint at the Plaza One building.

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Ruth Mott FoundationAnderson Hamo Chiropractic
Chiropractic Clinic

Space "Well-Adjusted" for Its Purpose
Drs. Dana Anderson and Tera Hamo were looking to move their chiropractic practice from leased office space to a new building they had recently purchased. The project was the perfect example of adaptive reuse — taking an old Republic Bank building that needed a small addition and the creativity and vision to repurpose it for another business.

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501 Bar & Grill/Wize Guys Restaurant

FUNctional + FUNky = FUNomenal
Uptown Developments partnered with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint in a newly formed Community First, LLC to come up with plans for a new restaurant on the ground floor of the Community Foundation Building in downtown Flint. The design charge was to establish two restaurants, utilizing a shared kitchen, back of house and restroom facilities in the 6,150 SF of available ground floor space.

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Proposed Rowe Building Restaurant

Concepts to Communicate a Vision
Uptown Developments contracted with FUNchitecture, LLC to come up with plans for a new restaurant on the ground floor of the Rowe Building in downtown Flint. The design charge was to establish a single restaurant, with two different concepts utilizing a shared kitchen, back of house and restroom facilities in the 14,650 SF of available ground floor space.

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